Tamsin Foley - Marketing

  1. Tamsin Foley - Marketing

    Tamsin is a marketing specialist with over 9 years marketing experience, she joined the SMCR team in April 2010. Tamsin aims to offer her clients added value by providing them with strategic advice covering the management and implementation of Marketing and PR strategies across a wide range of property assets. Her service offers asset and portfolio owners an overall management solution to increase the value of their investments.

    Some of Tamsin’s clients include high profile schemes such as Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, Showgrounds Shopping Centre and Westend Shopping Park.

    Tamsin St George Foley
    Marketing Manager
    Telephone: +353 1 616 0201 
    Email: tamsin.foley@smcr.ie

  2. Nicola Cogan - Commercialisation

  3. Nicola Cogan - Commercialisation

    Nicola is a commercialisation expert with over 11 years’ experience of commercialisation in the Retail sector, she joined the SMCR team in 2005. Nicola aims to add value for her clients, providing them with strategic advice covering the sourcing, management and implementation of commercialisation opportunities across a wide range of retail properties.

    Nicola’s service offers property owners an overall commercialisation management solution in order to maximise non-rental income of retail properties in their developments.

    Some of Nicola's clients include high profile schemes such as Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, Mahon Point Shopping Centre and Whitewater Shopping Centre.

    Nicola Cogan
    Commercialisation Manager
    Telephone: +353 21 497 2805
    Email: nicola.cogan@smcr.ie

  4. Roy Deller - Research

  5. Roy Deller - Research

    Roy joined Savills in August 2003 at Senior Property Manager level and was promoted to Director in 2007.  Roy now heads up the property management department at Savills and the research department in SMCR.  Roy's strengths lie in the Asset Management of mixed property portfolios. He has significant experience in the establishment of management companies & service charge structures for complex new single and mixed use developments. He also works closely with various Insolvency Practitioners in the area of Receivership work and the management of distressed portfolios. 

    His knowledge of the industry means Roy is perfectly positioned to gather and assess the current position of your scheme and the retail performance of your tenants. 

    In conjunction with his team the Research service of SMCR provides you with conclusive evidence to shape the future of your development. Some of Roy’s clients include high profile schemes such as Liffey Valley Shopping Centre and Opera Lane in Cork.

    Roy Deller
    Director - Property Management
    Telephone: +353 1 618 1426
    Email: roy.deller@savills.ie

  6. Denis O'Connell - Gift Cards

  7. Denis O'Connell - Gift Cards

    Denis has worked with Savills since 1998. Since 2004 Denis has been the Centre Director for Liffey Valley Shopping Centre and has worked closely with the Property Management Team of Savills, advising on procurement, contractor appointment & budgetary analysis for all large shopping centre schemes within the Savills portfolio. Denis was promoted to Associate within Savills in March 2007. 

    As part of his role Denis recognised the need for a cost effective gift card solution and introduced the Multi-Centre gift card scheme to numerous shopping centres throughout Ireland.  The card is Mastercard branded and provides a comprehensive solution to what can be an expensive facility to provide for customers.

    The Multi Centre Gift Card is available in leading shopping centres in Ireland including Liffey Valley, Mahon Point, Whitewater and Opera Lane.

    Denis O'Connell
    Centre Director - Liffey Valley Shopping Centre
    Telephone: +353 1 616 0202
    Email: denis.oconnell@savills.ie