Research Services for Shopping Centres and Retail Schemes

  • Measuring the performance of tenants
  • €800 million of retail tenant turnover collected and analysed for landlords
  • Over €1bn worth of retail tenant turnover collected on a monthly/quarterly basis
Our research service helps you understand what makes shoppers, occupiers and assets tick.
  Landlords are often overloaded with information on such areas as occupier performance, shopper behaviour and footfall and are often left thinking ‘What now?’.Our Research team prides itself on providing strategic guidance that is concise, understandable and usable giving clear direction on how to take your asset forward.

Our services include:
  • Shopper profiling – where are your shoppers coming from? Where do they visit and spend whilst on-scheme? What are the triggers and barriers to visiting your scheme? Where else do they shop?

  • Retailer performance – immediate insight into how retailers are performing to monitor levels of performance and profitability  as well as to determine current and future space requirements / planning expenditure.

Occupier Audits – Views on specific areas of asset management to help develop owner-occupier relationships and to highlight any issues related to the management of schemes
  • Occupier Risk Analysis – Determine the overall health of your tenants’ businesses to minimise risk and maximise opportunity

  • Quarterly Retail Review – SMCR produces a quarterly report which summarises retailer performance (based on information available in the marketplace) along with administrations, expansions, new entrants and other company activity. This report is considered a vital information tool by professionals across all areas of the retail property industry.